Sunday, May 31, 2015

Special Celebration

Thursday June 4 is Turning the Wheel of Dharma Day, when we celebrate Buddha's giving his first teaching in this world. It is a very important day in the Buddhist calendar when all our actions are thousands of times more powerful.

This auspicious day is also the day on which Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche was born in 1931.

To celebrate this special occasion and to make fervent prayers for Venerable Geshe-la's long life, the Manila Kadampa Buddhist Centre will perform the Offering to the Spiritual Guide puja (see below).

Everyone is welcome.

Date: Thursday June 4, 6:30pm

Offering to the Spiritual Guide Lama Chöpa in Tibetan. A special Guru yoga of Je Tsongkhapa, in which our Spiritual Guide is visualized in the aspect of Lama Losang Tubwang Dorjechang. The instruction for this practice was revealed by Buddha Manjushri in the Kadam Emanation Scripture and written down by the first Panchen Lama (AD 1569-1662). It is an essential preliminary practice for Vajrayana Mahamudra.